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For the little ones!

Children are overflowing with energy and curiosity!

Give a unique birthday present to your bambino and invite their friends to make their favourite cake or dish for their birthday: cake, cupcakes, choux à la crème, pizza, sushi, hamburgers… let their dreams and imagination run wild!

For this workshop, the children make the cake together and prepare the decoration. Then we blow out the candles before eating it together!

The birthday workshops are a treat for the little ones… and the adults! The adults can also join in and share this culinary day!

8 children = 200€

Then 20€ for every additional child


Hey the others have the right to have fun too!

Whether you’re celebrating a decade, an odd or an even number, you still need to blow out the candles!

For the occasion, gather your family or friends for a culinary challenge, a surprise basket, or a workshop of any kind… there will be plenty of laughs, discoveries and flavours.

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